The OneExpert

The OneExpert CATV signal analysis meter platform makes every technician an expert by verifying network performance and troubleshooting simpler, faster and more powerful than ever.

DuoPort with PosiScan

Ensures proper connection and testing of Ingress Scan and Downstream tests, helping techs do the job right the first time.


Clearly displays summarized results of the entire lineup, including MER/BER in about 60 seconds, with simple identification of faults needing attention.

Expertise Built In

Offers background analysis that identifies issues consistently between technicians, suggests actions that help technicians fix problems, and provides Viavi expertise and algorithms built into a simple test.

Benefits of ONX

OneExpert CATV helps field technicians fix problems right—the first time. A multi-touch, user-friendly interface and OneCheck™ automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard with clear pass/fail results. And, its future-proof modularity ensure years of use supporting cable television and home networks.

The most important CATV functions


The AutoChannel feature automatically identifies and instantly builds correct channel plans for testing QAM, DOCSIS, and analog services. It eliminates the need for managers and supervisors to pre-build and configure the meter before a technician can use the instrument.


The dashboard displays all critical parameters including worst carrier MER, maximum transmit level, and in-channel frequency response (ICFR) of upstream carriers. Progress bars indicate status and immediately show if tests are passing or failing. For drill-down details, tapping a panel such as downstream or DOCSIS displays all carrier line-test details for quick problem identification.


DOCSIS Check automatically identifies and locks on the 32 bonded QAM signals and the OFDM signal, so operation and results analysis is very similar to DOCSIS 3.0. Testing only the physical layer is inadequate to effectively analyze DOCSIS 3.1 performance. OneExpert uses a DOCSIS 3.1 chip set to test the service layer, enabling IP-related tests including throughput, codeword errors, and profile analysis.

Session Expert

Session Expert is test location aware (tap, ground block, CPE) to help guide technicians to problems and ease troubleshooting between demarcation points. Built-in intelligence reduces learning time and helps resolve problems with less escalation or supervisor input.


OneExpert simplifies DOCSIS service troubleshooting with automatic downstream DOCSIS channel identification and up to 32x8 bonded system operation. OneExpert harnesses parallel processing to provide multiple test results to the technician through a single interface. The user can simply swipe through the results to identify and eliminate physical layer and data layer problems.


When problems arise that require live, real-time troubleshooting, ChannelCheck provides a powerful suite of tests that help track down tough intermittent issues without requiring a technician to have years of field experience. ChannelCheck automatically performs an extensive set of measurements and analysis to help technicians quickly identify the root cause, if the problem is something they should fix, or if it requires escalation.

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